December 31, 2013

It's the Holiday Season...

Oh my goodness...I feel like I can finally breathe! Christmas is CRAZY! There are parties and performances. Family get-togethers and presents to buy. It is go, go, go. I love it but I am just now getting caught up on everything. 
Christmas season started out with Jackson's choir performance at church. He was the cutest little sheep! The children's choir worked so hard. They sang several songs, all had a speaking part, and played the handbells. We had a little mishap during the handbell portion of the performance. Jackson accidentally pegged (yes, really hard!) the little boy in front of him in the back of the head. Tears were shed and Jackson felt awful.
Can you tell by his body language. He had his hand on his face for the rest of the performance after the accident occurred. Very embarrassed, worried for his friend...he was ready to be done. 
We saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop. Gotta love Santa...and a free Santa is even better!
Jackson and Hudson had their Christmas performances at school. This was the first year that Hudson was able to participate, and he did such a great job. (Are you loving their bowties? My grandfather, Gaga, passed away in October. He owned 1000s of neckties. My Mom used some of his Christmas ties to make the boys bowties. I am in love with them.)
Hudson and his class
Jackson and his 1st grade buddies
The last day of school, was class parties. Jackson's class played games, ate lunch and did a book swap. Jackson got the great book, Jesus Calling. We have really enjoyed reading it together. So there you have the few weeks leading up to Christmas. 

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