November 24, 2013

Changing It Up

Our house has been the same since we moved in. So much has changed in seven years though! When we first moved in, we used a lot of browns and reds in our decorating. Since having children, I have wanted to add more color and "fun" to our house. We decided to start in our dining room.
When we moved in, this is what our dining room looked like. Now, don't get me wrong....I LOVED our diamonds. When the previous homeowners moved, they left some pretty big holes in the wall. The wall also started cracking in the corner. There was no way we could cover up the holes and cracks without painting the entire room. We I decided what I wanted and started painting. (Jason did not want to paint over the diamonds. He loved his diamonds and may have been a bit upset that I wanted to paint over them.)
 I inherited this table. It was my great grandmothers.
I decided I wanted something fresh, and a smidge modern. I LOVE the way it turned out...
I used the color Agreeable Gray from Sherwin Williams. I was able to get it 50% off when they had their sale about a month ago. I feel like the room looks so much bigger! I got the curtains from Hobby Lobby. Hello, 40% off coupon!!!
Eventually, I will paint this table...maybe chalk paint, I don't know. I am thinking an aqua or turquoise color. I have a few pieces of art in the room with the color that I want to use. I think it will be the perfect pop of color.
 I am loving this corner. (I have since put a picture in that picture frame...oops.) I got the church from a craft fair. I think the color of the door is what color I want to paint the table.
I need to share a tip with you. Jason and I discovered a new way to hang these annoying kind of picture frames...Thank you Pinterest!
Put a piece of painters tape or Duct tape on the back of the frame. I marked the nail would go in the wall....
...put the tape on the wall and nail. That is it. What usually take For.Ever! took about 5 minutes total.
The boys made these pictures for us at school. I am in love with these. They look absolutely perfect in the dining room. So there you have it. The first redo to make our house reflect us a little better. And with the coupons and sales, we spent about $80 total. Not to shabby for a "new" room.

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