October 6, 2013

Another Year Older

So, I am another year older. Just so you know....after you hit 30 birthdays are just another day (at least to me they are!) However, we celebrated in the best way possible-a low key cookout/bonfire with my family.
 Hudson was ready to party.
 We had a cookout around the bonfire. (Why yes, that is a lamp. When the sun went down, it was perfect. While the sun is up, it looks a little odd.) We feasted on chili dogs and...
 ...Costco carrot cake. Seriously, the best cake IN. THE. WORLD!
 Is there anything more relaxing that sitting around a bonfire with your family just talking? I'm not sure there is.
Of course you can't have a bonfire without smores. I 86ed the Hershey bar and added mini Reese's. Y'all! Try it next time you have smores. You will thank me.