September 21, 2013

Hudson's 3rd Birthday

Last year when my old blog didn't have any more memory, I had to start this one. There was a period of a few months that I didn't blog. One of the things I didn't write about was Hudson's 3rd birthday party. Since blogging is my journal, I am going back almost a year to write about his super fun day.
Hudson loves to be outside. Since his birthday is in November, we decided to go with a camping theme that could incorporate fall decorating.
Welcome to Camp Hudson.
 The birthday boy and his family.
This was the "mess hall".
We ate: Smore Pops, "kids in sleeping bags" (pigs in a blanket), Bait and tackle (gummy worms), trail mix, chips and dip, acorns (Hershey kisses with mini nutter butters in the end), and drank "bug juice" (green Hawaiian Punch).
The kids made friendship bracelets when they first got to camp. Super easy...shoelaces, pony beads, done.
The went on a bug hunt. We gave them mini flashlights from the dollar store and hid fake bugs on the back porch. They really had fun with this.
And what a party without the old-school fishing game? They went fishing in Lake Hudson and pulled out candy. That's my kind of fishing.
 We took our seats around the campfire to sing "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday boy.
Hudson LOVES dirt dessert. We decided to make that instead of cake of cupcakes. (Recipe found here.) We put them in individual cups so it was easy to serve. Hudson and his friends really liked eating the dirt and worms.
We set up some tents for the kids to play in.
We also roasted marshmallows and made smores around the campfire.
It was the best day playing with friends.
When the day was over, Hudson climbed in a tent with his new sleeping bag and relaxed. He was happy to have spent the day playing with his best buddies.

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  1. This is so adorable! Your parties are always the best! I am throwing around ideas for JT's in December. Something to incorporate dirt or dump trucks or something along those lines. This seriously was super, super cute and a great idea!