May 15, 2013

All Over the Place

Do you ever feel like you are losing it? My life is flying by and we are so unbelievably busy the next week and a half. My workouts and cooking at home have flown out the window....we are just trying to hold on and make it through. Let me give you a run down of my life recently.

Saturday- Baseball game in the morning. Mother's Day shopping in the afternoon. Went to Jackson, TN to eat dinner with Jason's family and celebrate Mother's Day with them.

Sunday- (Much needed) Lazy morning at home! Spent the afternoon with my family playing outside and eating pizza and celebrating Mother's Day with them.

Monday- Our 7th anniversary. I am off work every Monday, so the day began like any, laundry, grocery. I planned dinner, Jason's favorite- poppy seed chicken. Went to pick Jackson up from school, and Hudson threw up in the car. All. Over. The. Car! Jason ended up picking up Jax from school and I spent the rest of the day giving Hudson baths, cleaning up my car, trying to figure out how to get that darn cover off his car seat so it could be washed, laundry, Lysol, Clorox...

Tuesday- More Lysol,Clorox, laundry, dishes. Baseball game with team pictures taken before hand (Praise the Lord for a sweet friend who offered to pick Jackson up and take him to the game for me!). Jackson reading his AR book at 9:00 pm because I forgot to get him to do it before the game.

Wednesday- (today) Work, school and pick up Hudson at my Mom's house. We hang out there for a little and visit with her. She lives 45 minutes away. Pizza night!

Thursday- Work, School, and baseball game.

Friday- Field day at school and baseball game.

Saturday and Sunday-I am a little surprised but we have nothing planned. (other than to finally work out and cook dinner!) We will go to church. I am also going to have to buy Jackson an outfit to graduate in. (Oh my baby is graduating!)

Monday-Field trip with Jackson's class to the Agricenter to learn about plants. Dr. appointment to re-check my colitis. Baseball game.

Tuesday- Work. Jackson graduates!

Wednesday- Work. Jackson's class pizza party. Last day of school!

I am exhausted just typing all that out. I am trying to slow down and enjoy the busyness. I am trying to remind myself in the blink of an eye Jackson will be graduating...from high school or college. I am just going to hold on, breathe, and enjoy the last week of school with a Kindergartner. Bring on the craziness and the take out dinners.

May 10, 2013

So, I Married MacGyver!

For a little over a year, we have had something living in our attic. Every night, we would hear what sounded like a herd of cats running from one end of the house to the other. We had our roof replaced and we thought that got rid of our problem. A few months ago, we started hearing things....much BIGGER things! Jason had had enough. My sweet, soft-spoken husband was on a mission.
I didn't realize I was married to MacGyver though! You see, on Wednesday evening, we caught us a raccoon. (<---Imagine me saying that in the thickest hick sounding voice. Man, I'm letting a little of my redneck show!) Jason bought a trap and rigged it with squash covered in peanut butter. Who knew raccoons liked squash and peanut butter...Gag! Last night it was time to let our little critter go...far, far away from our house. We realized we didn't have leather gloves, so WWMD? (What would MacGyver do?) Improvise...
Pot holders! Well, Pot holders, a head lamp, baseball bat and tow straps to be exact! Not really the normal things you would need when dealing with a wild animal. Hey, if MacGyver can detonate a bomb with a paper clip, surely Jason can handle a raccoon with pot holders. Right?
Obviously, it worked. Isn't he cute? Now that we have him trapped, how do we let him out without losing a limb? Tow straps of course...
Hook it up to the trap, put the strap through the back window of your truck, close the window, pull said tow strap and watch your furry critter run off into the woods. (On a side note, I was a little worried about our raccoon last night when it was pouring rain. I hope he found a new attic to live in since he is used to the posh life!) Now, to enjoy a quiet evening in our critter-free home!