April 7, 2013

Insanity- Week 4 Recap

Ok, so here we are...on week 4! (Ok, so to be completely honest, we should be on week 5. Since I was throwing myself a little pity party and being quite the baby last week, I didn't do Insanity. Not once. So this week, we decided to not move on to week 5 but to re-do what we didn't do...are ya following me?) Taking the week off last week really made this one hard. I guess the saying is true "If you don't use it, you lose it!" because I feel like I lost a lot of my "fitness". Monday, I tried to do Insanity and my body was dying. Seven minutes into the warm-up, I turned the DVD off. I sent Jason a text about what a quitter I was. Tuesday, I did not turn the DVD off. I did everything. I think I was ashamed that I had taken a week off and quit the day before. I am now determined to finish what I started. I have had a revival of sorts with Shaun T! =)

Monday- Did 7 minutes of Pure Cardio and wanted to cry
Tuesday- Cardio Power & Resistance...Did the whole DVD and felt like I had my mojo back!
Wednesday- Got home late and was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Oops, no Insanity tonight.
Thursday- Decided to not do Cardio Recovery since I had an unexpected rest day on Wednesday, so I did Plyometric Cario Circuit.
Friday- Pure Cardio. Hard. I cringe every time I see that it's the day's workout!
Saturday- Decided to use it as my "rest day". The boys spent the night with my parents and I wanted to stay in my bed....so I did.
Sunday- Woke up at 5:45 and worked out before church. Plyometric Cardio Circuit again. I think this is my favorite DVD. I like how at the end, when you are dog-tired, he makes you do some jabs, upper-cuts, and attacks. It brings me back to "old-school" Tao-Bo....I feel like I am a senior in high school punching it out with Billy Blanks. =)

I usually work out when we get home from work and school. The boys usually play in their room. It starts out as sweet playing and usually turns into me pushing pause a few times so I can play referee. Thursday, they asked if they could work-out with me. I'll admit at first I wasn't very keen on the idea-I needed some "Shannon time". Then a light bulb went off...2 boys doing Insanity with me will keep them from hurting each other, help them burn off some energy, and they will sleep like rocks.
Check out that form. They were rocking out the Level 1 Drills and Power Squats. =) Thursday and Friday both boys did Insanity with me. It was so fun. During water breaks they would give high-5s or fist bumps. They took off their shirts when Shaun T did. They even asked me to take my shirt off like the girls on the DVD. (Sorry, that is NOT going to happen!) Jackson even asked me to wake him up this morning so we could work out together. It was so fun...just me and Jax.
After we finish a work-out, Jackson needs to flex and see if his muscles grew. Love that boy!
Food- Jason and I have a strong sweet tooth! We made "ice cream" the other night. It was so good and so easy.
Frozen Banana "Ice Cream"
3 or 4 frozen bananas
2 Tbsp of all-natural peanut butter
a little bit of honey
a little bit of cocoa
a splash of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk
(Sorry for not being better with my measurements. I just kinda eyeballed it.) Throw everything in a blender. I have a Ninja and it whipped up very quick. If you feel like it is too thick or is not combining very well, add some more milk. It still tastes "banana-ey" but it was good. The boys really liked it. We will have to experiment with it some this summer.
Weight- Down another 3 lbs...so 7 lbs total! I think I was most excited about buying an Easter dress in a new size! Woot woot!
So that's it for week 4. Week 5 is our Recovery Week. We will do the same DVD every day next week. I am going to enjoy every second of week 5. Week 6 will begin the Max training (just typing that makes me nervous!). Yikes!

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  1. That is awesome Shannon!

    And I do the exact same thing and think how when the kids are doing something exerting major energy how they will sleep like rocks! Go for it! As much as you'd like! hehe