April 18, 2013

Girls Trip to Fayetteville

This weekend, my Mom, my sister, the two monsters, and I went on a girl's (+ the boys) weekend and it was just what I needed. Shawn was running a marathon in Fayetteville and we decided to tag along. My friend Alana wrote a couple posts on her blog about "what to eat" and "what to do" while in Fayetteville and we took her up on most everything she suggested.
First stop on Saturday afternoon was Hugo's. I am drooling just re-posting that picture. Seriously, the best burger I have EVER eaten!!!
After we ate, we went to the marathon expo to pick up Shawn's bib and then we shopped on the square. They have some of the cutest shops. Riffraff, Mustache...Oh, to have an endless bank account. I could have done some major damage in those stores! That night, we met up with my sister's friend and ate at Damgoode Pizza Pies. If you are ever in Fayetteville, do yourself a favor...get the Stuffy pizza with chicken and feta and the pink sauce. You will thank me later!
Before bed, we did a little "hot-tubbing". There is nothing I love more that a good hot tub!
The next morning, we got up SUPER early to drop Shawn off at her race. While she was running 26.2 grueling miles, we were eating breakfast and swimming. Sounds like a fair trade, right?
We made it back to the finish line just in time to see her come in. She did great and ended up getting second in her age group.

After her race, we went to the drive through safari in Gentry. It is a pretty interesting/random place in the middle of nowhere.
Check out this precious lion cub...yea, I'm in the cage with him.
We got to pet the 3 month old cubs. I am glad we did it...but they were some feisty lions. I was afraid a certain 3 year-old was about to lose a finger.
 Hudson loved the big fat pigs...
 ...and Jackson loved feeding the animals in the petting zoo. He fed cows, goats, llamas, sheep and pigs. He said they were all his favorite.
After hitting up the petting zoo, we drove through the "safari". We got up close and personal with a Texas Longhorn. Pretty sure he thought Shawn's car was delicious!
And we ended the day with souvenirs. Of course you have to get some lions to let them always remember the day they almost lost a finger to a 3 month old lion cub. Ha! We ate dinner and were in bed VERY early.
We left early the next morning and this is what the boys did most of the way home! They were exhausted. We had a blast in Fayetteville. I really can't wait to go back and have a little more time to explore more of that charming college town. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, you need to head up to northwest Arkansas and see Fayetteville. You will love it!


  1. I am so glad to see Shannon's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a fun time. Kudos to your sis for placing 2! That's awesome.

  3. Fayetteville is my hometown! It's great.

    1. We fell in love with your town. Hopefully, we will be back and I will bring the hubs with me. I am still dreaming about that cheeseburger!