April 3, 2013


We had one of the busiest weekends in a while. It was cram packed with fun.
I was off work on Friday so the boys and I decided to go to the egg hunt on the Collierville Square. We met my Mom there and decided to make it a day full of fun. The egg hunt was...um...different. They were supposed to collect 6 different color empty eggs and then wait in a long line to trade them in for a bag of candy. Empty eggs, y'all (Lame!) As soon as they got their 6 eggs, the bottom fell out and it started raining. We were not about to wait in line. No tiny candy bag is worth getting wet, so no candy for those boys. We went to lunch and did what any little boy loves (sarcasm!)...shopping.
Saturday afternoon, we colored some Easter eggs. (Hudson has started making some crazy faces anytime I get the camera out.) They think coloring Easter eggs is great. I'm pretty sure it is because they get messy and I make them wear next to nothing! What is it with boys and wearing no clothes?
The Easter bunny came to see the boys Saturday night. They both got a shirt, new underwear, a Nerf gun with extra bullets, and Cadbury eggs (they are most def my children.) Hudson gave us another classic "Hudson-ism" Easter morning. He threw all his presents out of his Easter basket and said "Ahhh, look what I got!!!" And pulled out a giant wad of Easter grass. He gets so excited with the simple things.
Sunday morning was glorious. I love Easter Sunday. I love the traditions and family time. But the best thing, the reason we celebrate...the grave could not hold my Savior! Glory!
Sunday afternoon, we went to my parent's house for lunch and the 3rd annual Easter egg hunt!
I love these little monsters!
...and I love my big monster too!
It has rained so much here, we had to wear some very stylish boots to go hunting. We don't let a little mud stand in our way of finding those eggs. 
We take egg hunting very seriously. Forget the candy, we hunt eggs with cash money inside! We have been known to throw some elbows and box each other out to get our eggs.
Why is it the only "normal" ones in this pic are they ones who married into it? They obviously didn't know what they were doing when they married into this nutty family!
This is the reason why we get a little "rough" when we hunt eggs. Out of the $200 in the eggs, I found $97 of it.

It was a wonderful weekend full of my favorite things: family, fun, and worshipping the One, True, Risen King! Now, can I get a nap?


  1. That picture of y'all at the egg hunt has me rolling. Hudson's face is priceless!

  2. You look great. That blue is fabulous on you!!!

    and I am so coming to y'alls next egg hunt!!

  3. Oh Meredith...Hudson is ROTTEN!!!! Seriously. I am thinking about buying it though because it is so our life right now. Jackson smiling, Hudson pouting.

    Emily...Thanks so much. And come on girl. The more the merrier. Just be prepared to get some elbows. Me and my sister don't play. Ha!!!