March 18, 2013

Spring Break Fun

What a great week. I was off last Thursday and Friday and I feel we crammed as much fun as we could in those 2 days (and the weekend) as possible! Thursday, Hudson went to school and Jackson and I had a "date day".
The whole day was about Jackson. He is usually my quiet child...but Thursday, he did not stop talking. He talked about everything. I enjoyed driving with the radio off and just listening to him.
We went to his favorite park and played for about an hour. (My favorite part of the day: he was playing and would catch me watching him and he would wink at me. How adorable.) We ate lunch and went shopping for some birthday presents. He went with me to get my hair done and then we picked up dinner on the way home. This day was what my heart needed. I don't get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with my oldest boy and I know the Lord gave me this day right when I needed it!
Friday, Jason was off work so we went to the zoo (with everyone else in Memphis!...I'm not joking!) What trip to the zoo is complete without a picture in front of the animals at the entrance? We had a picnic lunch, saw all the boys favorite animals, and then we went to the new exhibit Stingray Bay.
Jackson liked it until one stingray tried to eat his hand. Hudson didn't want anything to do with it. He was not about to touch a Stingray or a shark.
We got them a shark tooth necklace as we left that day. They have worn them everyday since. They LOVE them!
Saturday was another busy day. Hudson had a birthday party in the morning that I took him to. It was on the coolest farm. Huds thought riding the horse was great!
Jackson had a birthday party in the afternoon that Jason took him to. It was his first time playing putt-putt and Jason told me he did a really good job.
Late Saturday afternoon, I went to a wedding shower for a family friend. It was a beautiful shower and the bride got some great presents.
Sunday morning, the boys and I went to see my sister run in the Germantown half-marathon. She didn't know we were coming. (She did hear my loud mouth cheering for her as she came to the finish.)
 She did great. She got a PR...1:42! She is a machine I tell you. Jackson was so proud of her.
That afternoon we took naps, Jason smoked some ribs and chicken, and we watched Selection Sunday. We are so excited for March Madness. Can you tell who Pete (and his family) is cheering for?....Go Tigers Go! Proud of Memphis and our 6 seed.
Today will be spent with Hudson doing as little as possible. I am looking forward to a day with not much to do!

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  1. Whoa! You did have a busy weekend!!! Sounds like so much fun!