March 23, 2013

Insanity- Week 2 and 3 Recap

So week 2 and 3 are done. Jason and I are now on day 20 and are 1/3 of the way done with Insanity!!!

Week 2 was hard. We were on spring break and I was busy and lazy at the same time (busy with the boys and I made excuses because I didn't want to work-out too.) I skipped several days that week and honestly, I could tell. I was more sluggish and kinda felt gross.

We picked ourselves up and killed it on week 3! This Monday was our second fit test. Here are my results...
I am super proud of those numbers. I did more reps in every exercise (even if it was just by .5!) =) This week, we didn't skip any days and I was able to do more each day than the one before. I still take lots of breaks but I can tell a huge improvement on my fitness.
Food-Still eating clean. I was having a hard time coming up with something other than chicken and salad every night. My Mom told me about a great website...Dashing Dish. This week, we made the Three Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake and Creamy Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas. Both were VERY good. Dashing Dish gives the nutritional info of every recipe (she even gives Weight Watcher Points + for the recipes too!)
Weight- I am down 2 more pounds, so 4 pounds total. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little disappointed about that. I have been working out like a maniac and my weight is going No. Where! Since I have had my boys, my metabolism is completely different. It used to be so easy for me to lose weight and now I have to fight for every ounce I get. Oh well. It will come off eventually! You want to know what I am totally psyched out of my mind about though? This...
That my friends is the first "bicep crease" that I have seen since I was in college! Right now it is a baby bicep crease but it makes me excited. My weight may not be changing, but my body is!
So there you have it. Week 3 is in the books and Jason and I haven't quit yet. We have a big week this week that includes working, Insanity and me dealing with this...
That would be what I will need to prep for a colonoscopy that I will have Monday. (I have all the essentials: my "clear diet", my prep medicines, some good magazines, and some University of Memphis blue finger nail polish to give myself a pedicure during my *ahem* "down time". Who knows, I may actually lose some weight this week. *wink, wink


  1. Way to go Shannon! Insanity is no joke!!!

  2. That is awesome! The changes definitely come in the form of how your clothes fit and how much "tighter" everything is. The weight will come off in due time. That is the healthy way and the way to make sure it stays off:) Great Job Shannon!