March 10, 2013

Insanity-Week 1 Recap

Alright guys, Jason and I are done with week 1 of Insanity (I can hear the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus now! I can't tell if they are singing because I am done with week one and didn't quit or because we are enjoying the only day off we get this week...hmmm.). It is quite possibly the hardest thing I have done. Now yes, I have trained for a half-marathon. However, I am a bit of a pansy-I don't like to sweat or be out of breath so I didn't quite push myself the way I should have (and I did A LOT of walking during the actual half.)

So anyway like I said, I am quite a pansy. I don't like breathing hard, sweating, having sore muscles, and this is the kind of aerobics I like...
Feel free to ask yourself, "Why is this girl doing Insanity?" (I am still asking myself that.) I watched an infomercial, somehow talked the hubby into doing it, and we jumped in with both feet.
Day 1- Fit Test: The first day of the rest of my life? Ha! Challenging but it was 25 minutes, I can do anything for 25 minutes. I finished and I didn't feel terrible. Hey, I might actually do this and get ripped. And then the next day, I woke up and was sore. Sore from the Fit Test...sad!
Day 2- Plyometric Cardio Circuit: Yikes! You know it is intense when you want to quit during the warm-up. But then there is the stretching...and oh, it is glorious! Enjoy that little respite because you are about to hit it and hit it hard. I finished (with LOTS of breaks along the way). And then the next day, I woke up and was even more sore!
Day 3- Cardio Power & Resistance: It was a lot like Day 2's video but a little bit longer. Lots of jumping  and lots of push-ups (moving push-ups and V push-ups). I also really tweaked my knee doing some hurdle runs. Ouch. And if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you also got this very attractive shot of me post work-out.
I was VERY sore after the work-out and the next morning. At this point, I am really looking forward to tomorrow.
Day 4- Cardio Recovery: I woke up this morning and my body was not as sore, but my knee is screaming! I decided to play Orthopedic Dr. and run to Walgreens on my way home and buy a knee brace. I braced up and pushed play to what I think will be my favorite DVD of the bunch. All I can say is "Ahhhh." It was exactly what my tired body needed. Stretching with a little bit of cardio added in. I loved it.
Day 5- Pure Cardio: If Day 4 was my favorite, then Day 5 is my most definitely my least-favorite. Oh. My. Word. It is the pure hell (in a good way.) I needed the knee brace again which kinda stinks. Pure Cardio was fast-paced and scary. Seriously!
When Shaun T says how nervous he is with what is about to go down, how do you think this big girl feels? You do the same hard warm-up, stretch, and then do each drill for one minute straight as hard as you can with no water breaks. You start to see the Insanity Alums drop like flies. (That made this big girl feel a little better!) When it was done, I crashed to the floor! Jackson asked if I was ok...I made sure he remembered how to dial 9-1-1. He just laughed at me. Gee, thanks little boy! =)
Day 6- Plyometric Cardio Circuit (again): I actually feel I did this so much easier than on Day 2. Is it normal to feel like my fitness has already improved in a week?
Food: Jason and I are eating as clean as we can. We agreed if we are going to do this we are going to go big or go home. We used to eat fast food all the time. We have agreed to have one splurge meal a week (not the normal 5 or 6 splurge meals we were having.) We had a date night last night and it was so nice to look forward to a meal and savor each bite. While I did splurge on a few things, I still had salad with no dressing, the seasonal veggies, water, and only ate half of my meat.
Weight: I am down 2 lbs. but I am already seeing a huge change in my previous baby pooch-not quite as much over-hang. I am going to try my hardest and not focus on the scale and just how my clothes are fitting, face is slimming down, etc. (We shall see how that goes, I am a girl and the number on the scale is a big deal to us.)
Overall: I am SUPER proud of my awesome hubby and me. We have held each other accountable and actually surprised ourselves with how well we have done. Week 1 is done! Only 8 more to go. Yikes!

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  1. Whoop figs I am SO proud of you guys..keep it up..youll see more change by the end of next week..i promise..its awesome BC it is FAST change!!