March 2, 2013


I love to hear the things that kids say. My boys say some pretty funny stuff (and have been known to make me hold my breath praying they don't say something they shouldn't!) I have a few gems for you straight from the mouth of my 3-year old.

*Hudson was sitting on the couch with Jason after dinner and was swishing something in his mouth. I didn't see his cup and was wondering if he had snuck a sip of my drink.
Mommy: "Hudson, what is in your mouth?"
Huds: (swallows) "Just spit."
Mommy: (cringe!)

*About a month ago, we were doing our normal Monday morning shopping trip to the local Kroger. (Now, before I go any farther with my story, I need to tell you that Hudson is loud. I mean LOUD! Nothing he says is in a whisper. Ok, back to my story.) There is nothing new about this Kroger. We have seen all the workers every Monday for the past several years. We are familiar with them. We always seem to have the same lady that bags our groceries too. This lady is so sweet and is always so friendly with Hudson and me. She does, however; have an eye patch.
Lady: "Do you want paper or plastic?"
Mommy: "Plastic is fine." (I know not the greenest choice but we re-use them.)
Hudson: "Mommy, is that lady a pirate?"
Mommy: (cringe!...I stood frozen. Maybe if he thinks I turned into a statue he won't ask again if she is a pirate.)
Now every time we go shopping there, I have to give him a pep talk in the car about not asking if people are pirates.

*Last weekend, we were shopping in Hobby Lobby. Hudson asks about a million questions a day. "Why are we here?" "What are you going to buy?" "Why are you going to buy that?" As we are standing in the check-out line, a very grumpy looking lady comes to stand behind us.
Hudson: "Why is her face so........
Mommy: (having a mild panic attack at what is about to come out!)
Mommy: "She is just a happy lady." (turn around to smile at her to be met with a scowl. "Geez, lighten up!")
At least to Huds she is happy!

*This morning, we have been having some snow flurries. It is so pretty but not sticking to the ground.
Mommy: "Jason, check out the snow. It is coming down pretty good."
The boys looks out the window and then Hudson disappears. We walk by his room to see this...
He had put on his snow boots, snow bibs, and toboggan. Sweet boy was trying to be optimistic that there would be some snow to play in. I'm thinking that's not going to happen.

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  1. Aww! He's a cutie. I have 3 little brothers (ages 13, 8, and 3) and you never know what's going to come out of any of their mouths. It's like Hudson times 3 haha!