January 18, 2014

Plum Paper Family Planner Review

My main "resolution" for 2014 is organization. I have a confession....I am a 31 year old whose life is completely disorganized. In shambles! I write things on post-its and then end up throwing them away and can't remember what I was supposed to do. I use my phone calendar, but that hasn't backed up a few times and left me feeling completely helpless.

I knew that this year would be filled with boys getting busier social lives and I would have TONS of Dr. visits (Thanks a lot Ulcerative Colitis!) so getting my life in order is one of my top priorities. I did quite a bit of research when it came to which planner to buy. I fell in LOVE with this one...
I found the Plum Paper Family Planner on ETSY ($35). Isn't it adorable. Everyone of their cover options are absolutely beautiful. If you see something you like but not a fan of the colors, have no fear, she can change them to what you are looking for. (I added the picture to the cover for $1.00)
It has laminated tabs for the months, a two-page spread for each month and a two-page spread for every week. It also had the cutest little pockets in the back. I paid an extra $2.00 to have 20 note pages added to the back of the book. I feel like I will use this this year for grocery lists, taking notes at the Dr., writing notes when I talk to nurses....
I loved how I could customize my week pages. Plum Paper offers the option to customize with 7 different sections. I only used 5: one for each member of our family and one for our meal plan. I will probably use one of the blank sections for miscellaneous/Pete our dog and one for planning my work-outs (that is resolution #2...get in shape girl!).
I also bought some super fun pens because, well, I love buying office supplies! I mean, you kinda have to have new pens when you get a new planner. Right? I got the Paper Mate Flair pens...I got this 5 pack of pens from Target for $4.99.
This fun little adhesive pen holder came from Office Max. I believe it was $2.00. I won't keep a pen in at all times, only when I am heading to an appointment and know I will need one. Yay for accessories!

So there you have it. I am absolutely in love with this beautiful planner. Here's to better organization in 2014!

January 1, 2014

2013-A Year in Review

2013 has come and gone. It was a year filled with ups and downs. Here is a look back at what our family has been up to in 2013. 

Jason got some time to practice on his smoker that he got for Christmas. What's not to love about his smoker...smoked meat and I didn't have to cook that night! Win, win!

 We celebrated Valentine's Day. The boys got treats from Mommy and Daddy at school. 

Had my first colonoscopy, which meant I had my first colonoscopy prep. Gag! The results were not the best...moderate to severe ulcerative colitis. It has been a roller coaster of a year with new meds, diets, and overall terrible health.
 We also celebrated Easter with our annual Easter egg hunt for money. I was the big winner this year!

We went on a girl's (and little boys...) trip to NW Arkansas to cheer my sister on in her marathon. We had a great time shopping, eating, and being together.
 Jackson stated playing tee-ball this month. He really loves playing any and all sports. 

 Jackson graduated from Kindergarten. I can't believe that his first year of school is done. 

 We spent some time swimming with family. The boys LOVE swimming. I think they are part fish.
 Jackson went to his first over-night camp. I was able to chaperone with the girls and it was perfect. I was there if he needed me but it was enough distance to feel like he was independent.

 We participated in our 3rd year at the Bartlett Fishing Rodeo...
 ...celebrated 4th of July...
 ...and Jackson's 6th birthday. We had a Duck Dynasty party at Pump It Up. 

 Jackson started 1st grade. Oh my goodness, first grade! How is that possible. 
Both boys were in a Small Fry Tri. This was the first time Hudson got to do a race and he did a great job. They ran a 100 meter dash, rode their bikes and scooters and then ran through a huge sprinkler for the swim portion. They both got medals which was awesome in their book!

 Captain America helped me with the housework. 
 And I turned 31. We celebrated in the best way possible..a bon fire with hot dogs and smores. Yum!

We had to say "goodbye" to one of the best men, my Grandfather, Gaga. He was amazing and I miss him like crazy everyday. It was the hardest thing we went through this year.
 We celebrated Halloween at church with friends. Jackson was a Red Power Ranger and Hudson was Captain America.

 Jackson got to be the star of the week. 
 And Hudson turned 4! 4, seriously. How is this kiddo 4? We had a fun Elf birthday party at our house.

 We had the best Christmas ever. We enjoyed being with friends, family, and each other.
Happy New Year from the Haynes family. We can't wait to see what 2014 brings our way. 

December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day-2013

For the second year in a row, we spent the night with my parents on Christmas Eve. We eat dinner (this year was tamales, chili, hot dogs, and chips and dip...we are very non-traditional) and then open presents. 
Every 5 minutes, the boys were checking the NORAD app to see where Santa was and how many hours until his ETA!
This year, I decided to make homemade gifts. I painted my Mom's, my sister's and my grandmother's old house. I was really pleased with how they turned out.
 My boys got what they always wanted from my parents...
 ...They got 4 wheelers. 
 I love Jackson's face. That is sheer excitement!
The boys sat on their 4 wheelers for a bit. They couldn't play long though...NORAD said Santa was on his way. They had to be asleep before he could stop. 
 Santa came to see Jackson...
...and Hudson. He brought them most of what they asked for. Jackson asked for a 4 wheeler, a Rainbow Loom, and Pokemon cards. He got all of that (Santa brought him small 4 wheeler action figure because he knew he was getting a real one from Mimi and Buddy.) Hudson asked for a Soda Stream (yes, he really did), and Easy Bake Oven in boy colors, a Seat Pet, and a microphone. He got everything except a Soda Stream. Santa couldn't justify spending $100 on a machine to make soda.
 Christmas morning waiting patiently for Mommy to quit taking pictures so they could see if Santa came.
 "Ah, my Seat Pet."
 "Ah, my Rainbow Loom."
 We ate a massive breakfast. Sausage balls. Pioneer woman cinnamon rolls. Breakfast casserole. Fruit. So. Good!
The boys spent the rest of the morning playing with their 4 wheelers. 

 That afternoon, we went to see Jason's family in Brownsville. The weather was so nice, we had the boys play outside to burn up some energy. There is no energy quite like Christmas energy. It seems to be never ending. We ate dinner and visited and then opened more presents.
These are some spoiled boys. They had quite possibly the "best Christmas EVER!"

It's the Holiday Season...

Oh my goodness...I feel like I can finally breathe! Christmas is CRAZY! There are parties and performances. Family get-togethers and presents to buy. It is go, go, go. I love it but I am just now getting caught up on everything. 
Christmas season started out with Jackson's choir performance at church. He was the cutest little sheep! The children's choir worked so hard. They sang several songs, all had a speaking part, and played the handbells. We had a little mishap during the handbell portion of the performance. Jackson accidentally pegged (yes, pegged...like really hard!) the little boy in front of him in the back of the head. Tears were shed and Jackson felt awful.
Can you tell by his body language. He had his hand on his face for the rest of the performance after the accident occurred. Very embarrassed, worried for his friend...he was ready to be done. 
We saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop. Gotta love Santa...and a free Santa is even better!
Jackson and Hudson had their Christmas performances at school. This was the first year that Hudson was able to participate, and he did such a great job. (Are you loving their bowties? My grandfather, Gaga, passed away in October. He owned 1000s of neckties. My Mom used some of his Christmas ties to make the boys bowties. I am in love with them.)
Hudson and his class
Jackson and his 1st grade buddies
The last day of school, was class parties. Jackson's class played games, ate lunch and did a book swap. Jackson got the great book, Jesus Calling. We have really enjoyed reading it together. So there you have the few weeks leading up to Christmas.